How has the Las Vegas General Contractor business change in the last 50 years? 

​As the world of materials and products have changed so has the industry of general contractors in Las Vegas. There are so many materials that Las Vegas general contractors can't use like lead pipes. As of 1986 federal government banned the use of leaded pipe and solder in new plumbing systems, so now we use copper and specialized plastics (like PVC and PEX). This allows for better longevity and healthier circumstance. So an away, this helps general contractors with having to warranty less of the work that's being done as it lasts longer. 

​Another product that Las Vegas general contractors don't use much are wood roofs. As far as the law goes it's still allowed to be used in the state of Nevada, but because it's such a horrible product very few Las Vegas contractors are willing to use it. And by avoiding wood roofs it also allows local general contractors in Las Vegas to avoid warranty work do to the dry weather. 

(NOTE; Wood roofs are more prone to catch on fire than other roofing materials, which is why they are banned in some areas with a high level of fire hazards)

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There are some things that might not be against the law but some local Las Vegas general contractors should still avoid just so they can stay away from unwanted liabilities. Here's a good example of such product. Corded window blinds can be extremely dangerous to children. Therefore, by using window blinds that don't have these codes they are able to avoid some dangerous situations that can have horrific results. By avoiding dangerous situations and lawsuits Las Vegas general contractors may be able to avoid huge Insurance increases in their premiums. And from what I understand insurance premiums are getting more expensive every year for many local Las Vegas general contractors

Products with asbestos were used for construction and insulation purposes for many many years, but have been illegal for some time now. This was do to asbestos being toxic and harmful. And even though you may see the city of Las Vegas as a young city compare to other cities but there was a time where most general contractors in Las Vegas used these harmful products on many of their projects. Now to be fair, all these Las Vegas general contractors did not now that asbestos was a health risk. In fact, if you grew up in Las Vegas anywhere from the 50's to the mid 80's you probably went to schools that had these harmful toxic building materials.

Well, thank God today we have so much better awareness.

Here are some Items That Are Permanently Banned 

​Asbestos paper products, including corrugated, commercial, and specialty paper
Spray-on coatings containing more than 1% asbestos
Asbestos filters for pharmaceutical manufacturing
Friable asbestos pipe and block insulation
Asbestos fireplace decorations
Asbestos wall compound
Asbestos flooring felt